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Our Sibe Tribe

SibeTribe and Amber June 2020.jpg


Cinnamon, Our 1st Husky

It all started with our first husky Cinnamon. She started our deep love for this amazing breed and was the beginning of our Tribe. She was sweet, gentle and just a tad hyper. 

She had our very first litter of 5 puppies in 2012. Such sweeties!

Sadly, a year later, she was diagnosed with acute liver failure and passed away. Though she is no longer with us, she will be in our hearts forever.

Cheskah Rayne

Cheskah 2021.jpg

Cheskah Rayne is now Retired. We are so thankful for the 12 gorgeous female puppies she gave us! She has a Parti Eye! Half of her right eye is brown and the other half blue. She is a true sweetheart! She is the most calm of all our dogs and is content to just lay at our feet or in our lap. She definitely has a playful side as well.


Meekah 2021.jpg

Meekah-Boo is a Surprise to say the least! Her color changed from a soft cream and white to a gorgeous deep cooper-red and white! She has beautiful blue eyes! She is our spunky and sassy girl! She loves to run and run and run! She is very dainty, but don't let her size fool you! She can hang with the best of them!

Kilchii Zander

Kilchii 2021.jpg
Kilchii Boy

Our sweet, big boy Kilchii is such a wonderful male! He has handsome blue eyes! He is very loving and laid back. We call him our big teddy bear! He loves to talk, especially when we are trying to get him to listen! He follows us to every room just to make sure we're "Okay". He and Meekah are two peas in a pod! Where there is one, there is always the other!

Echo at vet.jpg

Midnight Echo

Echo 2020.jpg

Echo, is such a great girl!! She has Spirit/Parti eyes (one brown with a blue spot, one blue). She has a wild side, but is the sweetest pup you'll ever meet! She is definitely living up to her name as she loves to howl and sass us. She can be very shy, but once she gets to know you, she's wide open. This sweet girl has definitely added spunk to our Tribe.

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