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Welcome to Pilot Mountain Siberian Huskies

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Hey there! We are Daniel and Brenna! We are the owners of Pilot Mountain Siberian Huskies. We are located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

 It's just my husband, me, our 2 kiddos and our 4 Siberian Huskies!

Our SibeTribe consists of all AKC registered Siberian Huskies. We love and spoil each one of our dogs. All puppies are born and raised in our home. Each one is handled from birth and introduced to sounds, sights and smells at age appropriate times. They are socialized with other dogs, friends and family so they will adjust easily to their new life with You! Each puppy will start to learn basic commands and start the process of potty training before they leave our kennel.

Our huskies are bred for quality, not quantity. We do have a variety of coat colors in our Tribe, however, we do not guarantee coat color/length as these can change over the life of the dog. We also do not breed for/guarantee eye color as huskies have a very wide range in eye color which can also change as they age, especially from puppy to adult.

We require a $250 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy. WE DO NOT HOLD PUPPIES WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. Puppy pick(s) are made by pictures and/or videos. Remaining Balance is due on or before puppy pickup date. We will update our Website as much as possible to keep you up-to-date on our planned litters. Please note: We reserve the right to first pick of any litter.

For the Health and Safety of our dogs and puppies, we do NOT allow anyone into our Whelping/Kennel area. 

Visits are by APPOINTMENT only. Deposit Required.

Siberian Huskies are a wonderful breed, however they are NOT for everyone. We recommend that you research them before purchasing a puppy. If you rent your home or apartment please check with your landlord/complex to make sure that they allow Siberians.

Thank you so MUCH for visiting our Website!! We hope to work with you in the future to find you just the right puppy! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time! The best way to reach us is by using our Chat features, going to our "Contact" tab or by sending us an E-mail!


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Past Photos of our Tribe

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Snuggle Bugs
Our Cheskah
Puppies are here! E&K and M&K 10-27-21.jpg
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